Muenster Cheese Taste Like? What is Muenster Cheese?

Muenster is actually an American counterfeit of the French Munster cheese, named after an Alsatian abbey of Munster in the Vosgian Hills of France. It is actually made from pasteurised cow’s dairy. Muenster lies, pale yellow in colour along with an orange rind, an outcome of the veggie colouring incorporated throughout cheese manufacturing. The taste differs coming from light & […]

What Does Wild Boar Taste Like?

Wild boar meat was a delicacy enjoyed by Europe’s aristocracy. It’s increasingly sought after by chefs and consumers. Wild Boar beef provides an flavour that’s currently winning over home cooks and hamburgers . It’s a flavor and feel to pork, and wild boar is a treat compared with pork. What Does Wild Boar Taste Like? Think again if you believe […]