Despite being a young actress, Angela Stranger Things has made a big impression through the series. Let’s find out some information about her.


Stranger Things is a hit series on Netflix. The series has achieved certain success with 4 seasons. Each season, Stranger Things will introduce new characters with important roles.

Angela appeared in season 4 as the most hated villain in the series. However, she also has an important role that, without her, season 4 would not be able to start.

Learn about Angela Stranger Things with personality traits and meet her in real life. Let’s scroll down.

About Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American science fiction drama series. The movie was released on July 15, 2016, on Netflix. There are 4 seasons in total that have been released. 

Set in the 1980s, the movie focuses on a group of 4 friends, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, and supernatural events in Hawkins, Indiana. 

Stranger Things starts when a creature from Upside Down kidnaps Will. This is a world full of darkness and mysterious creatures. Then the main character – a special young girl named Eleven, shows up to help the group find Will.

Throughout the 4 parts of the film are the battles of your group to fight the creatures in the Upside Down and the bad guy from the laboratory. From then on, they became close friends.

Stranger Things is one of the most popular movies on Netflix. It attracts millions of views and creates a fever every time a new part is released. The film is expected to release in the fifth and final part in 2024.

The series has received numerous awards from the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, American Film Institute, and People’s Choice Awards.

About Angela Stranger Things


Angela appeared in season four when Will and Eleven moved to California. She was born in 1972, a first-year Lenora Hills High School student. She is a famous student with a hot boyfriend.

Although she does not appear much, Angela is one of the most hated characters in the movie with her personality. After appearing for a few episodes, her role ended when Eleven broke her head with a roller skate.

However, she has an important role in the movie. Without Angela, the season cannot begin. 


The character model Angela often appears in American school films as a bully. Angela is no exception. She appeared and bullied Eleven when Elven first started school.

Angela is a young, rude girl. She often uses her popularity and her boyfriend to bully Eleven, who is still unfamiliar with the school. Not only that, the rich family makes Angela even more arrogant.

angela stranger things

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When Eleven had a project at school about her hero, Eleven talked about her father. However, Angela mocked Eleven as her father was a failure and death. 

Later at the skating rink, Angela did an even more rude act like pouring a milkshake on Eleven. This is also the last straw that leads to Angela having her head broken by Eleven.

Position In The Movie 

Each season, Stranger Things introduces new characters of the season. Each character has their place in that season. Angela is no exception.

Although she only appeared in a few episodes of season 4 and is one of the most hated characters in the series, she is still an important link. 

After Elven broke Angela’s head, she was taken to the police station. From here, she was arrested again for experimentation, and the following events occurred.

If Angela didn’t bully Eleven, Eleven wouldn’t have been sent to the lab and couldn’t regain her powers. The next events in the movie also cannot happen. It can be said that Season 4 of Stranger Things would not have started without Angela.

Meeting Angela In Real Life

A young actress, Elodie Grace Orkin, played Angela. She was only 18 years old when she acted in this movie and has almost no work in her acting career.

Elodie Grace Orkin appeared as a singer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2018. She made her acting debut in We Hunt Together, a TV series, in 2020 before she made her way to Stranger Things season 4.

Elodie Grace Orkin. Source: Google images

Unlike in the movie, Elodie Grace Orkin is a very lovable and friendly person in real life. She often appears on set with a smile. Her co-stars also rate her as a hardworking and enthusiastic person in every scene.

Her life changed a lot after Stranger Things came out. She is more known and impressed with her role. A successful villain is when she’s the one everyone hates.

Conclusion For Article “Angela Stranger Things”

We introduced Angela Stranger Things with personality and history. She is one of the most prominent characters in the series. Through the article, people will understand more about the character and the love name of Elodie Grace Orkin.

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