Best LED Grow Lights on the Market 2021 – 2022

By the time that you read this handbook, you might not know anything about Grow Lights and especially LED Grow Lights.

However, this guide is giving you as much as possible the information which you will need when choose or buy a grow light. For all gardeners, follow the guide and take a happy growing by choosing for yourself a best LED grow lights.

Knowledge of Best LED Grow Lights

  • What are Lights for Growth?

As everybody knows, light and water are the necessary elements for any living being on the planet, especially for plants, if there is a lack of anyone, they will never survive.

In nature, the main source of light comes from the sun, which brings the visible light to the earth. Physics says that sunlight is a complex light formed by seven basic colors called white light or full spectrum, like it is also known about.

By imbibing the light, the plants use it to metabolize into new energy which is provided for the photosynthesis and other biological processes in their bodies.

Nevertheless, the absorbing is never completed that means the plants will never take enough the natural light that they really need.

There are some examples for this fact; the first one is weather, winter for instance, when the cold comes and the air becomes dilute, the light is limited when it reach to the troposphere that means the light provided for the earth will be weakened, mostly in polar environments, and the sustenance for plants is also cut down.

Another example is canopy effect caused by the existence of a lot of tree at the same times, like a forest, when this fact happens, the lower tree will be covered by the higher ones and they will never take enough amount of light needed for survival, this is also the reason why the higher trees in a forest are the strongest, longest of life and always hugest of size, just because they always have a chance to absorb every light come from above.

We all know that plants have a mechanism for adapting to harsh conditions; however, when the plants have to adjust too much, the flowering or fruiting processes will be the worst result. Every plant has every height and foliage that are suitable for them to develop and make a best crop, if these requirements are not provided, the harvest will be terrible.

In commercial cultivation, the lack of light is also one of the most concerned problems that horticulturists worry about, they gave some popular reasons for plant not receiving needed light:

  • Unsuitable location (low and damp areas such as inside houses or under stairs)
  • Incompatible weather (the weather is too harsh or the plant which is grown in a climate but belong to another conditions)
  • Persistent rain (when there is too much water in the air, the light will be blocked as the air is too wet or damp)

One of the most effective solutions, which is usually use for horticulture or medical farm, is to plant the trees inside a house covered by a large glass dome.

By using this kind of condition to cultivate, your plant will be saved from overheating and wetting of environment; moreover, if you equip a system of light source for you garden like this kind, you will get the best harvest ever.

This solution also called artificial light that means the light comes from the production of human being; in fact, this kinds of lights can even replace the natural light and allow your plants to photosynthesize, avoid completely the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Every information given above is used to inform about the best solution for lacking of light in planting, Grow Lights.

As we knew from above, they are an electrical lights system which provide the plants with a suitable amount of light that can make your plants become better than using natural light. By fostering the process of photosynthesis, the Grow lights really help plants in developing.

More about grow lights, you can see any type of bulb can be used for making grow lights. Nowadays, when the horticulturists understand their growing more and more deeply, the industry of Grow Lights is also developed following.

Now you can identify what the Grow Lights are, but before you find out specific advantages of using Grow Lights, why don’t you take a look for some topical types of them?

  • Types of Grow Lights

As you know; in theory, your plants will catch the light from the sun and use it for biological transformations to make and maintain the energy inside them.

However, that is theory, how about the truth? When scientists researched into the fact of these mechanisms, not because the natural light comes from the spectrum which is made by seven basic visible colors (by Physics) that plants will use all of those colors for growing up; in fact, they found that any different vegetation needs different bands from the full spectrum and the leftover will be wastage.

People usually do not notice about this wastage and they may not know that their neglect can cause a really bad damage to their growing. Therefore, it is absolutely important for you to take a look with some ideal product for growing and maybe find out the best one for yourself.

# Red Light: comes from the opposite end of the spectrum, such lights are used to foster hormone activities inside plants. This process is really essential for plats; moreover, it also is a premise for creating blooms.

# Blue Light: it also called “cold light”, which is utilized to impulse vegetative processes and encourage a compact bushy growth.

Now let’s take a look with the technologies of growth lights out there in the market today.

# Incandescent Lights

This is the least expensive lights as you just have to pay around $30 for each. They are also the oldest kind of grow lights and maybe the most inefficient one.

If you really want an investment, you should not choose this type for some reasons. Firstly, the lighting from these bulbs is full spectrum white light; in fact, the amount of light created by incandescent light actually is a lack of red and blue light, or one of them, but the plants require these colors for their living processes.

Further, when these bulbs are being used, they will radiate so much (approximate 2700 oK) and you need to place the lights at least 24 cm higher from the surface of plants or soil, if this instruction is not observed, moisture of your plants and soil will be evaporated, and absolutely, the result will be destroyed crop for you, so if you have to use this kind of grow light, please careful with this precaution.

Finally, the longevity of products, when talking about this kind you must see about this thing, incandescent bulbs almost can live lest than 1000 hours, that means you have to change the bulbs frequently to make sure that the growing will be maintained by the best way.

# Halogen Lights

This is a product coming from the same type with incandescent lights. Halogen lights usually used to illuminate a strait range with a super intensity, besides that, the heat created from using is also a problem as it is really great.

One bonus when you use this type this that your plants will be provided with a full red spectrum; however, as this also belongs to incandescent lights, the problems that you will encounter when using is also the same with them, including sphere of influence and the heat of using process, etc.

Because these reasons will harm your plants as well, so you need to follow all the instruction among using in order not to destroy your growing. One more thing, people are not usually use this type for growing, so that you may be recommended not to choose it.

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