Gift Guide for a Romantic Person

Have you ever considered letting an artist paint your life and presenting it to your loved ones as gifts? It is not as weird as it sounds when you are asked this question for the first time. Paint your life portraits can be paintings of yourself or you and other people, including the person receiving the gift. Your or your loved one’s pets can also be included.

Painted portraits are excellent gifts for your family and friends, but it can be very romantic to present a portrait of yourself to your loved one. And it can be a romantic portrait depicting not only yourself but you and your loved one.

To assist you in considering this option for a gift, we’re suggesting a few guidelines for you to follow.

To Give a Painted Portrait is Romantic

Romantic people always try to surprise their loved ones with unique gifts. Suppose you are a romantic person, you probably want to make every gift something new and creative each time. So to paint your life and present the paintings as gifts is very romantic and unique, and the gifts will become the paintings for life to remember.

Something that will be a hit with any of your loved ones is a painted portrait of yourself, you and the loved one, or your loved one with their favorite pet. This will be a gift that increases its sentimental value over time.

With photos and memorable moments mostly in digital form in our modern times, an actual portrait painting will show your loved ones how much you really care. Receiving such a gift will make their special days a day that they will never forget for the rest of their lives. Your gift will be much more than an ordinary gift – it will also create a memory for life.

A Portrait Gift is for Anyone and will be Forever

Unlike many other gifts, a painted portrait is not limited to a girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be given as a gift to any of your loved ones. Parents, siblings, relatives, and friends will all appreciate a personal gift. In addition, people of all ages will treasure your painting gift.

You provide much more than just the “picture by giving a portrait as a gift”. An artwork reflects much more – it reflects a feeling. And it is this feeling that will always be part of your loved ones’ memories.

Gifts are usually either used and then forgotten or stored away very soon. However, in most instances, a painting or sketch will hang on the recipient’s wall or be placed in some prominent place. Every time your loved one looks at it, the priceless gift will be appreciated.

One Creation Process – With Sittings

Different procedures can be followed to get the portrait painted. However, whatever process you want to follow, the first step is finding a reputable studio or individual artist you can trust to create an excellent painting.

The one way to follow is to find a studio or artists relatively near you and arrange one or more sittings. Of course, it depends on the artist how many sittings will be necessary.

This is the way many artists prefer – it usually helps them establish the “feeling” of the picture. The problem, however, is that you can’t use this method if the person you want to surprise with the painting has to be in the picture as well.

A Second Creation Process – With Photos

If there is no studio or individual artist near you, or you want to include the person who will receive the gift in the picture, the easiest route is to find a studio or artist who works from photographs. Then, place your order online when you’ve found the studio or artist you want to use.

Studios usually give you the option to choose the art medium you like. Although most studios prefer to create oil paintings, you can order a pencil sketch or a watercolor painting. Indicate the size of the work you order and if more than one person or object is to be part of the picture, indicate the composition of the picture you want. Upload your photos and send them online to the studio. You can send multiple photos.

The studio’s artist will create a digital mock-up and send the portrait to you for approval or editing suggestions. After you’ve approved the final mock-up, the artist begins painting your portrait. Upon completing the artwork, the artist will take a picture of the portrait and send it to you. Usually, you will be allowed to ask for minor modifications.

The last step is to choose a frame and arrange for delivery. It is always more romantic to ask the studio to send the final product to you rather than have it delivered to the person’s home. A gift, and especially such a unique gift, is always appreciated more when personally presented.

A Third Creation Process – Paint my Photograph with an App

If you want to present painted portraits to your loved ones as gifts but don’t have the funds to pay for a studio or artist to create the painting for you, you don’t have to ditch the idea. Instead, you can create your painting with an app. So, in a way, a DIY “paint my photograph” project.

Using the correct app can create a very professionally looking painting, and you don’t even have to be an experienced photo editor or have Photoshop to do it. Just ensure that the app you want to use allows printing of the final painting.

Many apps are specifically designed to help you create digital paintings of people and pets. Most of the apps allow you to choose from several options to customize the look of your portrait. You can, for instance, use the original colors from the image or use other colors instead. Many apps also give you different options regarding the brush and the canvas types, giving a specific texture to the final product.

When printed, you can frame the printed image, and it will look just as lovely as an original painting. And your loved one who is receiving the gift will most probably think it is very romantic for you to present something you’ve created yourself.

The Bottom Line

A romantic person always wants to present personal and unique gifts to his beloved, family, and friends. Few things can be more unique and personal than a painting of yourself or with other people and pets. And it is relatively easy to arrange for a painting to be created.

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