Let’s Discuss OG Kush Effects

When it comes to weed strains, OG Kush is considered one of the best. The term OG was made popular back in the mid-90s by west coast rappers. This has led to the debate about whether the OG in OG Kush stands for Original or Ocean Grown. 

OG Kush is famous among both newbies and seasoned hemp smokers. The history of its origin is not well-known, but there are a few theories about its genetics and lineage. In this guide, we will review OG Kush while highlighting some of its significant effects.

Origins of OG Kush

Numerous sources say that OG Kush originated from Florida in the early ‘90s. More studies show that it was developed after crossing the Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and Hindu Kush strains. The OG Kush strain is a hybrid with an almost perfect balance of 45% Indica and 55% Sativa.

Most people like the classic OG strain because it is rich in CBD with a mid-high THC concentration. The plant has dark green buds that feature thin bright orange hairs or pistils that make it look hardy. 

The flavors on the premium OG strain have a distinct earthy taste with notes of citrus and other woody flavors. However, you will also feel hints of pine and other flavors in the exhale. The flavors may be too strong for anyone who is trying this strain for the first time.

OG Kush Effects

Most hemp strains can be classified as either lifters or downers. Lifters are perfect for early-morning smoking or vaping sessions. On the other hand, downers are best for late evenings when you want your mind, body, and soul to relax. 

Based on some of the main OG Kush effects, it is evident it is more of a lifter strain perfect when you want to feel more energetic. Once the effects start kicking in, you will start feeling more sociable with a sudden rush of energy and hunger.

However, if you take a small dose, you will feel calm and relaxed. It also does a wonderful job of reducing stress and anxiety levels. You will most certainly find many people smoking the OG Kush strain at house parties.

Growing OG Kush

If the laws in your region allow you to grow cannabis in your backyard, then you cannot go wrong with the premium OG strain. We bet you will also feel good getting high on your own supply. 

OG Kush does well outdoors. Nonetheless, you can still get a good yield from indoor farming. The flowers will start appearing around between weeks eight and nine. One downside to growing OG Kush is that it is prone to diseases. 

Experts recommend using hydroponics or non-soil mediums. The idea behind this is to avoid diseases caused by bacteria in the soil. Using hydroponics will also boost your production.

Wrapping Up 

There is no doubt that the OG Kush strain is one of the best cannabis strains on the market. It is excellent for managing issues related to mental health, for example stress and anxiety disorders. Studies also show that it can do a wonderful job of managing chronic pain.

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