Do you know Norstrat company? This article will cover the main elements of Norstrat’s northern strategy and its growing importance in the global marketplace.

Norstrat has been a national organization representing Canada’s northern regions to establish a more robust economy for decades.

So what exactly is their policy? What are some of the successes that other countries should be learning from? The answer lies in the Northern Strategy.

This strategy discusses how Norstrat will improve its northern areas. So how do they preserve sustainable development through job creation and collaborations? Let’s find out!

About Norstrat


The workers connected Eastern and Western Canada in 1885. It was hard work, but they did it. Now is the moment for this country to unite from North-South.

This strategy is not a few railroads. It is a complete package of building projects critical to the growth and preservation of the northside.

Norstrat Consulting aims to move our clients forward.


Northern strategies are innovative, diversified, and multi-disciplinary.

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Norstrat is a construction business. They have over 50 years of experience with projects all around North America!

Subject matter expertise

  • Member of Victoria Strait Expedition in 2014
  • Author of articles on Northern strategy and Canada’s North.
  • Extensive travel and relationships in the North
  • Conference presentations and paper

Northern system development experience

  • Sea ice map system IDIAS
  • Iceberg track system BAPS
  • The mission of the Radarsat constellation
  • Maritime image recognized by MCOIN III.
  • Polar surveillance Radarsat II
  • AIS-Space arctic maritime tracking and surveillance

Business development experience

  • Federal government won, totaling more than $200 million.
  • Management of proposals and bids
  • Strategies for campaigns

Project definition experience

  • Subsurface surveillance Arctic system
  • Modernization of Felex/Halifax classes
  • Polar offshore patrol ship
  • Vessel for maritime and coastal defense (MCDV)
  • Ships of mutual aid (JSS)
  • Mission of Polarsat
  • The mission of the AIS constellation

Major capital project experience

  • Vessel for maritime and coastal defense
  • The mission of the Radarsat constellation
  • Radarsat II


Norstrat Consulting provides experienced advice and assistance that is tailored to the needs of the client.

  • Offer strategic counsel on the Northern strategy
  • Offer subject-matter expertise
  • Respond to the essential question of how you want to build the strategy.
  • Cabinet memoranda
  • Assist with project definition
  • Definition operational needs
  • Definition procurement strategy
  • Assist with bid capture and management.

Mr.Carson has won over $200 million in federal contracts. Make use of this experience for yourself.

  • Provide instruction on the strategic business development process.
  • Strategic and assist project management
  • Controlling risks
  • Management of change

The Norstrat business collaborates with industry and government clients to build a component of Canada’s North strategy.

About The Northern Strategy

On the 20th of December, 2016, Barack Obama and minister Trudeau jointly prohibited offshore gas and oil exploration in the North Pole.

Around the same time, Trudeau made an important announcement. He plans to eliminate Harper’s “Northern Strategy” and replace it with a new one called “Arctic Policy.”

What does this signify for the Arctic and Canada’s commitment to North growth? To comprehend these ramifications, we must examine the following:

  • The present state of the old Northern Strategy
  • The present state of business in North Pole Canada
  • Government’s worldview and goals (Trudeau)
  • Governments of the aboriginal peoples and territories
  • Donald Trump’s influence.

With this information, we can make informed predictions about how the new strategic framework will appear and what it will mean for those responsible for development.

The new northern strategy framework

While the new has yet to be revealed, the following research makes some solid predictions about how it will appear:

Focus on the people

  • Construction of strategic infrastructure
  • Creating job opportunities
  • Strengthening community capacity

Focus on partnership

  • Between the developers and people
  • Between the Feds and territories
  • Canada and the North’s transportation, communication, and defense

Focus on the environment – North style

Many Inuit people have not decided to participate in the wage business, and they don’t be imposed at this time.

Furthermore, numerous opportunities are available in various jobs such as fisheries, mining, energy, telecommunications services, transportation (marine and air), tourism, the arts, building construction, and government services.

Implications for developers

There are 2 significant consequences for individuals and businesses interested in the development of Northern infrastructure’s Canada.

  1. Considering the Arctic as just a location to deploy systems and equipment envisaged in the South isn’t sufficient. Region knowledge is essential, as is knowing the people’s requirements, desires, and culture. Therefore, a consultation will not suffice; you must also collaborate with people here.
  2. The “opportunity” for the North Strategy hasn’t vanished. On the contrary, it has expanded significantly. There are several new exciting chances for large-scale public-private partnership strategic infrastructure (stimulate local economic development). Examples include private ice-breaking technology and even airship transport systems!

Where are we now?

When I first meet someone and tell them about Canada’s Arctic, I usually characterize it as distant, harsh, huge, and populated. However, the emphasis is now entirely on the individuals.

Prime Trudeau is not abandoning a Northern Strategy; instead, he is expanding it. The renewed emphasis on community development (housing, health care, and education).

Besides, Canada’s future success will depend on investing in infrastructure to support its growing population. Private-public partnerships will be the preferred method for many of them. These investments will generate tremendous development potential in the Canadian Arctic.

Finally, it is expected that Trump’s administration would expand chances for circumpolar collaborative exports, notably in the energy and mining industries.

Contact Norstrat

If you have any queries concerning the information on this website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by phone or email. I’d be delighted to assist!

Phone number: 613.986.0388


Twitter: @Norstrat


In general, Norstrat has assisted firms across Canada by using the Northern approach. The Northern Strategy is a method of capitalizing on the assets and resources that make Canada an appealing investment destination.

Overall, we need more than brilliant ideas to achieve success; we need proper execution from all levels of Canadian society.

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