What Does Veal Taste Like? – An Ultimate Explanation

If you’re going to eat veal, you may want to know what it tastes like. Continue reading to find out what does veal taste like and other related information!


What does veal taste like? Is it different from beef, pork, or chicken? Nowadays, you can find all kinds of delicious recipes that include veal, but many people haven’t tried it. This blog is an introduction to veal and the ultimate explanation of what veal tastes like.

What Is Veal?

Veal is the meat of a young cow or bull that has not yet been used for breeding. It is known for being high in protein and nutrients, with its flavor likened to the delicate taste of chicken. Veal happens to be prime, creamy white meat which explains why it is slightly similar to chicken in texture but more tender and richer in flavor.

Slaughtering veal used to be a popular sport in Europe; however, now the practice is illegal. Veal comes in seven different cuts, such as:

  • Leg (round)
  • Front Shank
  • Loin
  • Shoulder
  • Breast
  • Sirloin.

What Does Veal Taste Like? 

Veal is a kind of meat that tastes unlike any other. While it comes from beef, which people might expect it to taste like since they’re both types of meat, this isn’t the case at all. While beef comes from mature cattle, veal refers to their young counterparts with very underdeveloped muscles and tendons.

Hence, veal has more of a tender, neutral flavor when cooked correctly and is better suited for those who don’t like some off-putting flavors in other kinds of protein.

Just as some prefer mutton over lamb, you might choose veal instead of beef because of its subtle flavor and delicate texture.

Is Veal Better Than Beef?

Some say that veal is better than beef in many aspects. Veal is more nutrient-dense than beef and, not only does it taste great, but it’s also much more healthy for you. Veal consumes less water and grain for the environment because calves are just babies, creating less mess or methane.

How To Store Veal?

If you plan to store veal in the refrigerator, it’s important to keep it below 40 F. You can store it at room temperature for up to three days, but you might as well freeze it after that time. Veal will last in the freezer for approximately one month but no longer than that – so if you aren’t going to use it any time soon, you should pull it out and cook with it.

The best way to freeze veal is by first cleaning and wrapping its pieces in aluminum foil. Make sure to press the air out of the packets so that the meat stays fresh for a longer period.

How To Know If Veal Has Gone Bad?

Beef will get spoiled if it’s not handled properly or stored for too long. Spoiled beef smells and tastes terrible. If you can’t figure out the source of your beef’s odor, chances are it could be spoiled.

When the meat feels slimy and slippery, it has been exposed to bacteria. If the color of your beef changes in any way, like becomes darker or redder than usual, then chances are the quality is getting worse too!

How To Cook Veal?

Veal is often found in dishes from European and Mediterranean regions but is also prepared in dishes in countries like China and Peru, sliced into cutlets, and breaded before frying. Other uses for veal in these cuisines are in the form of fillet steaks, roasted with the bone still present, or baked into a thin loaf of bread stuffed with other ingredients.

Aside from the meat being delicious on its own, the bones are purchased to make great broths and stocks. Once cooked at high heat for a long period, they produce an incredible savory flavor.

Organ meat from a veal calf is less popular, but it’s significantly more expensive. Veal organ meat is generally sold for a high price since it is the most precious and tasty offal.

In the chemistry industry, the stomach acids of veal calves extract a group of enzymes called rennet, which is used in the cheese-making industry to stimulate the processing and hardening of milk.

What Dishes Can You Use Veal In?

While veal can be used in much the same way other types of beef are used, certain dishes call for veal to be cooked in their recipes. Among the most famous is veal piccata, cotoletta savoyare, and eisbein.

They commonly use breadcrumbs or flour to coat the outside of the veal before being cooked. This makes both the meat and sauce stick together better, creating a more delicious meal after completion.


Now, you’ve undoubtedly known “What does veal taste like?”. Veal is the meat obtained from a calf less than four months old. If you have ever tasted veal, you may have thought it had a milder flavor than beef. However, veal does have a distinctive flavor of its own. It is also quite similar in appearance to beef, but it is much softer. The texture of veal is not as firm as that of beef, but veal is juicier and more tender.

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